So it begins…

It’s time to start this blog in anticipation of my travels to Japan. There’s not much to say for now since I’m not there yet but I figure why the hell not. It’ll just be me freaking out with excitement until I actually go. But for now, here are the facts:

  • My name is Julianne
  • I’m a UC Berkeley student
  • I’ll be studying abroad in Japan for my junior year
  • I’ll be at Waseda University in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • My flight is July 27th, 2013
  • I don’t return until the end of July 2014
  • I’ll be spending July/August at Japan Women’s University (also Tokyo) for an Intensive Language Program until I move to Waseda in the beginning of September

In case anybody from the UC system gives a hoot what program I’m actually doing, it’s Japanese Universities (Waseda) Year + ILP through UCEAP (UC Education Abroad Program).

I guess that’s all the info I have for now, so now we can all just sit around until I have some more deets before the big day.

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